Fontana Systems, LLC
Fontana Systems offers management consulting services to enable rapid deployment of efficient, cost-effective, and reliable
product launch strategies.  Our services are provided to technical startup companies, venture capital organizations, and
corporations that seek to develop a comprehensive business development strategy for emerging technologies associated with
alternative and renewable energy generation, energy storage and water supply and purification.

FSC staff have a broad-based technical  and business development proficiency in state-of-the-art energy generation and
storage systems. Our team works closely with clients to apply this expertise in the following service areas:

  • Renewable Energy Emerging Technology Business Development
  • Business Plan Development for Venture Funding
  • Technology & Market Assessments
  • Identifying and Placing Early Stage Customers for new technologies
  • International Business Development in Emerging Countries in Africa and  South America

Who We Advise

  • Large corporations diversifying into the clean energy market
  • Renewable energy equipment manufacturers + telecom service providers transforming their markets
  • Early Stage and Startup Companies specializing in Energy Storage Technologies
  • Venture Capital Companies requiring Business Plan Evaluation

What We Offer

  • Objective, actionable Advice to help understand the markets supporting new technology deployments
  • Business Plan Development for emerging and startup companies
  • Consulting for VC fundinng rounds, Term Sheet evaluation
  • Return On Investment Modeling
  • HOMER (NETL)  Energy Use Modeling  
  • Early Stage Partner Planning
  • Marketing and Investor Relations Management

How We Are Different

  • We focus exclusively on energy storage solutions.
  • We combine solid strategic frameworks with deep, hands-on industry expertise
  • We know the complexities of the market and how to integrate product, market, and regulatory strategies to achieve
    measurable results.
  • We don't just help you build a strategy -- we help you execute.
  • We have over 30 years cumulative experience bringing technologies to market.
  • Advanced market introductions including the placement of new technologies in the emerging markets in Africa and
    Latin America.  
  • EX-IM (Export - Import) Bank expertise for financially secure deals in Africa.