Services We Provide

Our team and extended network of senior advisors provide your business with
the necessary technical and business expertise to devise profitable, sustainable
clean energy business strategies.

Renewable Energy Expertise

  • Renewable energy economics and market trends
  • Solar project development and financing
  • Solar regulatory landscape
  • Solar value proposition analysis
  • Solar technology/business due diligence
  • Wind project development and financing
  • Advanced Energy Storage project development
  • Fuel cell and flow battery commercialization
  • Integration of multiple technology solutions
  • International and Emerging Markets Expertise such as the Emerging
    African Telecom Industry.


John Davis at a Safaricom Telecom Site in Kenya.  Site powered
exclusively with Solar and Wind.

Energy Industry Expertise

  • Utility programs and regulation
  • Electric distribution system automation – ‘smart grids'
  • Engineering partnerships for breakthrough technology
  • Market entry product development consultation
  • Utility based application discovery
  • Energy regulatory knowledge and strategy development
  • Water Supply and Purification matched with renewables

Corporate Strategy Expertise

  • Diversification into new and adjacent markets
  • Venturing within large organizations
  • Linking strategy with financial and organizational implications
  • White-space business and program development
  • Corporate sustainability program development
  • Supporting Functional Expertise
  • Vision and long-term strategy development
  • Strategic marketing and sales forecasting
  • Product strategy and pricing analysis
  • Product development ideas and implementation
  • Financial risk modeling and evaluation
  • Project team development and recruitment
  • Due diligence

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